The Tax Office has introduced a Whistle Blower Hotline encouraging people to 'dob in' business owners they suspect are operating in the black economy. The Hot Line went live on the 1st July 2019.   

Creating wealth through an investment property is a well-established practice in Australia. Of the approximate 9 million residential dwellings in this country, almost 25% are rental properties. Read on for our renovation tax tips...

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And don’t forget, Single Touch Payroll becomes mandatory for all Australian employers from today – watch our short webinar in our prior blog to bring you up to speed….

The end of another financial year is fast approaching. Our 2019 Tax Planning Guide for the end of  the 2018/19 financial year highlights some end of year tax planning opportunities which you may wish to consider before June 30, 2019. 

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In this recorded webinar we outline what every employer needs to know about the introduction of Single Touch Payroll in Australia.

Starting a new business seems a daunting task. But take our advice, don’t be scared – be prepared. Here’s some guidelines in what you need to do when it comes time to let people know your new business exists.